Transportation FAQ's

General FAQ's

1. How do I register?

You can register online at our website.  

You can print off a registration form at the above website and take it to your child's school. Alternatively, you can go to your child's school and fill out a registration form there.  

2. How much does it cost to have my child(ren) ride the bus?

Nothing! Transportation for Lakeland Catholic is free for all students.

3. Can I bring large items or instruments on the bus?

Alberta Transportation can fine Bus Drivers for having "loose" objects on a bus. A guideline has been developed and sent to all schools and bus contractors outlining what objects or instruments can be taken on a bus. Even when these allowed items are on the bus, they must be secured in a backpack or under the seat.

4. Can I bring friends home with me on the bus?

No, busing is only for registered students on the route.

5. I have recently moved. How can I change my address and update my pick-up information?

Please fill out a new Transportation Registration form. They can be found on our website, at any of our schools, or at our Central Office in Bonnyville.

6. I left something on the bus. Where is it?

First, talk to your bus driver the next school day. If they do not have it, check your school's lost and found.

7. My child is going to a different sitter after school this year, how do I arrange this (applies to both in-town and out-of-town busing)?

Please fill out a new registration form with all the details of where you child is going. Please use your home address for the top part of the form.  

8. The busing contractor or driver is different from last year, will this mean that new routes might be created with different stops and times?

No. Busing routes and stops are determined by the transportation department of Lakeland Catholic. Bus contractors are provided this information by the school division.

There are changes in routes every year as new students register and others move away or graduate so their may be slight variations in times. It will take a few days for the buses to establish a consistent schedule.

We thank you for your patience.

As buses become full, sometimes your child will be assigned to a new bus. If this happens, your new driver or Lakeland Catholic will contact you.

Weather Related FAQ's

Student safety is the primary factor when we are considering cancelling buses.

1. How do you decide to cancel buses?

Busing cancellations are a joint effort between our Transportation Department and individual bus contractors. When assessing whether or not it is safe to transport students on buses, we take into account: 

  • Condition of the roads;
  • Outside temperature;
  • Wind chill factor;
  • Visibility (blowing snow, fog, etc.);
  • RCMP travel advisories; and
  • Weather warnings issue by Environment Canada.

2. What happens if the weather turns bad during the school day or while buses are running?

As a rule, we ask bus drivers that brought the children to school also make every attempt to bring them home. But, under extenuating circumstances and with the approval from Transportation Administrator, bus operators/drivers may decide not to operate due to adverse weather and/or road conditions as per the procedures in the Transportation Policy.

If this happens, parents will be contacted to advise them of the need to pick up their children.

3. If one bus route in my region is cancelled, is mine cancelled as well?

Bus routes are assessed on a town-by-town, route-by-route basis. This means that we may determine that one route (Route A) is unsafe for bus operation, while others (Routes B and C) remain in acceptable driving conditions. Therefore, Route A would be cancelled while Routes B and C remain in operation. 

4. If buses are cancelled, does that mean school is cancelled?

Not necessarily. In almost all cases, schools remain open and classes are still in session when buses are cancelled. Programming may be modified if large numbers of students are absent. Please advise the school administration if your child is going to be absent.

5. So when are buses cancelled?

Buses will be cancelled when: 

  • The wind chill exceeds –45 degrees Celsius, or
  • The outside air temperature is at or exceeds –40 degrees Celsius.
  • The roads are not in safe drivable condition, such as icy or snow-covered
  • Heavy fog with minimal visibility

Just like bus routes, schools throughout the Division will not necessarily be affected concurrently. Buses could be cancelled in Cold Lake while they remain running in Bonnyville, for example. 

Be sure to check the Bus Status app or our website for up-to-date information regarding your child's bus route. 

6. If buses are cancelled but classes aren't, do I have to send my child to school?

When inclement weather conditions exist and class cancellation has not been effected, parents must use their own discretion in sending their child to school. If your child will be absent due to bus cancellations, or for any other reason, please inform your school. 

7. Do I have to call the school and let them know my child is not coming to school?

For safety reasons, we would like all parents to call your child's school and confirm that their child is not attending on days when buses or classes are cancelled.

Many parents decide to drive their child to school, or make alternate transportation arrangements when buses are cancelled, and we want to make sure everyone gets to school safely. If a child doesn't show up and we haven't heard from you, we don't know if it's because buses aren't running and you stayed at home, or if something serious may have happened on the way to school.

So please report your child's absence if your children are not attending that day.

8. How can I know when buses and/or classes are cancelled?

All busing delays and cancellations will be posted on our website and on our Bus Status App, as well as posting to Facebook (either Division page or individual school pages). Listen to local radio stations who will announce any bus cancellations.

If the contractor or driver cancels the route, they will call or text you to inform you of the cancellation.