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Lakeland Catholic School Division is located about 250 kilometres from Edmonton. The two major urban communities in the jurisdiction are Bonnyville and Cold Lake. Within these communities, the district operates six schools: Three in Bonnyville and three in Cold Lake, which all boast of offering dual-track programs (English and French Immersion). In 2006, the Division expanded to include the counties of Smoky Lake and Thorhild, and within this area, Lakeland Catholic opened a new Catholic School in the Village of Waskatenau to meet the needs of the Catholic communities. In 2016, the Division expanded to include Lac La Biche, opening a new school in the hamlet of Lac La Biche.

The Lakeland region of northeastern Alberta has a rich multi-cultural identity, a reflection of its diverse settlement history. The earliest inhabitants were aboriginals who were later joined (in the early 1900’s) by French-Canadian pioneers from Quebec, followed by a significant wave of Polish and Ukrainian immigration in the late 1920’s. In the early 1950’s, the federal government developed a Canadian Air Force Base (4 Wing Cold Lake) and town-site and since then, the base staffing and rotational protocol has ensured a healthy influx of new residents from across the country.

The regional economy is differentiated by locale. One aggregate, oil and gas production is the keystone of the regional economy. Bonnyville and Waskatenau derive the largest share of benefits from the agricultural sector while 4 Wing Cold Lake plays a leading role in the economic health of the City of Cold Lake. The community of Lac La Biche and surrounding area is supported by the oil and gas industry, logging, forestry, agriculture and commercial fishing. 

Town of Bonnyville

Lakeland Catholic has three schools within the Town of Bonnyville:

  • École Notre Dame Elementary School
  • École Dr. Bernard Brosseau School
  • École Notre Dame High School

About the Town of Bonnyville:

  • located in Northeastern Alberta, approximately 240 kilometres northeast from Edmonton 
  • diverse in its cultural heritage and rich natural resources. The town’s motto is “It’s Multi-Natural”.
  • a major service centre for the area. The Town of Bonnyville serves more than 10,000 people who live within 10 kilometres of the town.
  • surrounded by lakes and forests.
  • the industrial service centre for the oil and gas industry in Northeastern Alberta.
  • a dynamic community with a full spectrum of services for its citizens and visitors alike.

Town of Bonnyville Website

City of Cold Lake

Lakeland Catholic has three schools within the City of Cold Lake:

  • St. Dominic Elementary School
  • Holy Cross Elementary School
  • Assumption Jr/Sr High School

About the City of Cold Lake

  • located just 287 kilometres northeast of Edmonton, 170 kilometres north of Lloydminster and 600 kilometres northeast of Calgary.
  • the commercial centre of Northeastern Alberta.
  • known for some of the richest petroleum resources anywhere on Earth.
  • home to Canada’s largest Air Force Base - 4 Wing Cold Lake. Fighter jets can be seen daily flying over the area.
  • a demographically young community, making it an ideal place to raise a family.
  • home to affordable housing, outstanding recreation facilities, safe streets and a multitude of educational opportunities.

City of Cold Lake Website

The Village of Waskatenau

Lakeland Catholic has one school within the Village of Waskatenau:

  • Holy Family Catholic School

About the Village of Waskatenau

  • a village considered “the Gateway to the Lakeland." It is situated about 100 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.
  • surrounded by a countless number of lakes, ideal for camping, fishing and watersports.
  • a small rural town with a lot of traditions and friendly people.
  • full of residents who take pride in their farm work, agriculture and sports activities.
  • well known as hosts for all types of baseball tournaments in the summer.
  • full of enjoyable trips to surrounding countryside, especially when the canola is in bloom.

Village of Waskatenau Website

Lac La Biche

Lakeland Catholic has one school within the County of Lac La Biche:

  • Light of Christ Catholic School

About Lac La Biche

  • a hamlet within Lac La Biche County. It is located about 220 kilometres northeast of Edmonton on the southern shore of Lac La Biche.
  • Lac La Biche is home to the Lac La Biche Golf Course, while numerous lakes and campgrounds provide outdoor recreation opportunities in the area, including the Lakeland Provincial Park to the east.
  • the main campus of Portage College is located in Lac La Biche. The college has an ACAC hockey team called the Portage Voyageurs.
  • a small rural community with friendly people and lots of traditions.

County of Lac La Biche website

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