folded hands resting on top of an open bible

Faith in Education

"The Catholic school finds its true justification in the mission of the Church. It is based on an educational philosophy in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony."

This educational philosophy is the foundation of our work in Lakeland Catholic Schools. We celebrate our Catholic identity through our religion programs, prayer and liturgical celebrations but more importantly our faith permeates everything we do.

In our Catholic schools, all students participate in Religious Education programs and the Alberta Education curriculum is implemented within an overall religious perspective. The Gospel values permeate all dimensions of the learning process, and this influences the way we view the world and each other as we seek to find God in all things. “There is in fact no delineation between religious and non-religious learning in a Catholic school. Instead, teachers focus on integrating the faith dimension into every subject area.”

One way our district lives its call to respect the dignity of every human person is to be inclusive of diverse peoples and perspectives. We welcome families and students of different faiths and religions who choose our schools because they have come to appreciate our Christ-centered environment and religious dimensions.