Board Policy Handbook

LCSD Mission, Mandate, Values, Believes, and Operating Principles

BP001 District Mission Mandate Values Beliefs And Operating Principles


Role of the Board

BP002 Role Of The Board

BP002 - Appendix A - Board Annual Work Plan

BP002 - Appendix B - Facilitated Board Self-Evaluation Process

BP002 - Appendix C - Board Evaluation Performance Assessment Guide 


Role of the Trustee

BP003 - Role of the Trustee

BP003 - Appendix A - Services, Materials and Equipment Provided to Trustees


Trustee Code of Conduct

BP004 Trustee Code Of Conduct 

BP004 - Appendix - Trustee Code of Conduct Sanctions


Role of the Chair

BP005 Role Of The Board Chair


Role of the Vice Chair

BP006 Role Of The Vice Chair


Board Operations

BP007 Board Operations


Board Committees

BP008 Committees Of The Board


Board Representatives

BP009 Board Representatives


Policy Making

BP010 Policy Making


Board Delegation of Authority

BP011 Board Delegation Of Authority


Role of the Superintendent

BP012 Role Of The Superintendent Updated Jan 13 2022 

BP012 - Appendix A - Superintendent Evaluation Process, Criteria, Timelines

BP012 - Appendix B - Superintendent Performance Assessment Guide 


Appeals/Hearings re: Student Matters

BP013 Appeals And Hearings Regarding Student Matters


Hearings on Teacher Matters

BP014 Hearings On Teacher Matters


School Closures

BP015 School Closures



BP016 Recruitment And Selection Of Personnel


Student Transportation

BP017 Transportation

BP017 - Appendix A - Channels Of Communication

BP017 - Appendix B - Students Rules And Regulations

BP017 - Appendix C - Emergency Numbers


School Councils

BP018 School Councils